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We are exploring the world of media with passion.
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What we do

CyrenMedia is a web Consulting and Communication agency, which uses a combination of media and technology available in order to assist its clients on their effort to establish themselves on the market.

This shapes the ethos for our company or as we call it, "We love to see people, follow their dream".

Our mission

Our mission as we envision it is to make use of all the available resources in order to create an equilibrium
to ever-changing, ever-purposeless, mass-media, society. We are a learning-organization and we want to
use the modern media as an instrument to inspire people into experiencing the world on another value.

Let us know who You Are

In CyrenMedia we try to keep as many communication channels as possible open between our team and the public. In any case if social media is not for you, or you need a more personal contact do not hesitate to complete our contact form and a member of our team will come back soon.

We are always on the look for new talents, partners and business ideas so if you are a designer, developer, copywriter, bloger, web advertiser or just a cool guy, let us know about you!

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